Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about Arawak Beach Inn, on the island of Anguilla? You’ve come to the right place. The below FAQ includes some of the more commonly asked questions about our hotel. If you’d like any additional information, please get in touch!

Getting to Arawak


Guests arrive either at The Clayton J. Lloyd International Airport or at Blowing Point Ferry Terminal after a boat ride from St. Martin (see below). Please tell us your arrival time, and we can arrange for you to be met by taxi service. The cost for two persons is approximately $22.00 from the airport ($26.00 at night) or $28.00 from Blowing Point. If you have booked one of our packages, the transfer in Anguilla may be included – check your confirmation.

Upon arrival at the airport or Ferry Terminal, you do not need to stop at the “Ground Transfers” desk after the customs area if we have arranged transportation. Proceed directly outside and our designated taxi driver will be there to greet you. The driver will have your name and should recognize you. The ride from the airport to the Arawak is 10 – 12 minutes, and from the ferry about 20 – 25 minutes.

If by any chance our cab driver misses you, or you come later than expected, take any taxi to the Arawak. If you have booked a package, we will reimburse the cost. It is always helpful if we know you are on the way – please ask the cab driver to call us on his cell phone (especially late arrivals).

Boat transfers from St. Martin

Many guests choose to fly into St. Martin, which offers nonstop service from many US and Canadian cities, as well as from Paris and Amsterdam. Fares are often much lower than flights into Anguilla, even figuring in the extra cost of the transfer from St Martin.

Our recommended route is by Funtime Charters, which operates a frequent high-speed charter boat service directly from a dock next to St. Martin Airport to Blowing Point Ferry Terminal on Anguilla, taking around 20-25 minutes. Guests are met by name after collecting their bags in St. Maarten, and escorted directly to the boat. Advance reservations are required. We have negotiated a discounted $60 per person fare for guests who prepay though the Arawak; please contact us if you are interested in booking. There is also an additional $5 per person each way for the meeting/transfer service in St Maarten (in cash, US dollars). Public Ferries to Anguilla from Marigot on the French side of St. Martin run every 45 minutes from 8:30 a.m. until 7.00 p.m., taking about 40 minutes. The cost is $20.00 per person, plus $5 tax, except for the last boat at 7:00 pm, which is $25 plus tax. The ride takes about 40 minutes. At St. Martin airport, ask any taxi to take you to the Anguilla Ferry in Marigot ($ 20.00 and 10-15 minutes to Marigot). No reservations are required on the Ferry, but upon arrival at Marigot, be sure to enter your name and personal details on the manifest at the counter, to ensure your place on the next ferry.



Staying with us

Check-in/check out

As a rule, check out times are around 12:00 p.m. and check-in is generally not prior to 3:00 p.m., while the rooms are made ready for new arrivals. If you will be arriving earlier than 3:00 p.m., please let the hotel know, and you may be able to settle into your room earlier.

Arawak Café and Bar

We open up and put the coffee on around 8:30 a.m. - come and collect a cup to take to your room if you like. The doors stay open, and we serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as beverages (alcoholic and otherwise) all day, until we close. If our cook has gone home, we can usually come up with pizza or sandwiches. Our bar operates on an honor system – if we are not around, help yourself and write it down on the tab that sits in the conch shell on the bar.
Our menu features delicious Caribbean and International dishes at reasonable prices. Main courses start at around $18.00, and there are nightly specials. Delicious local lobster is offered at market price when available – ask in advance. We always offer our homemade pizzas to eat in or take to your room and you can choose any toppings that you like. Our bar prices start at $2 for sodas and $3 for beers. Hard liquor is from $4. We have a small list of wines that we have personally selected and enjoy, available by the glass from $5, and by the bottle from around $20.

Wednesday is our “Limin’ Night”, featuring live music from Island Harbour’s own Terry Webster who delights all with a wide selection of Island and Country music favorites. Be sure to be there! Friday is “Surprise Night” when we offer a change from our regular menu with culinary delights from around the world, varying each week. On Sunday, we offer a traditional English dinner of roast beef and roast lamb with all the trimmings such as “Yorkshire Pudding”, English gravy and lots of vegetables.


We are located on Island Harbour Beach. This scenically beautiful beach offers interesting snorkeling in sea grass (especially turtles), but limited relaxation as it is windward. Behind the Arawak, a short walk of maybe two minutes, rests the Arawak Cove, a small peaceful gem used only by our guests. There is shade under the sea grapes, white sand and generally tranquil water offering excellent swimming and snorkeling.

Shoal Bay East, rated among the top beaches in the world and perhaps Anguilla’s best-known location, is 5 – 10 minutes away. Shoal Bay offers two miles of powder white sand, with restaurants, beach bars, beach chairs, live music, water activities, and excellent snorkeling.

Beach Towels

These are available at no charge in your room. Exchange them in our laundry when you need clean ones.

Beach Umbrellas and Chairs

Beach umbrellas and chairs are available for a nominal rental fee.

Bicycles and Scooters

Bicycles are available for rent on Anguilla. The last cost quoted to us for bikes was $18.00 for a one-day rental or $15.00 per day for two days or more. Bike Rentals include a helmet and lock and can have delivery and pick-up service to the Inn for an additional $25.00. Scooter rentals are not offered at the moment. We do not recommend either of them as the cost for two persons is close to that of a car, which gives much more opportunities for exploring the whole Island. Also the sun is hot, some of our roads are uneven or unpaved, insurance is not included, and for most visitors we drive on the “wrong” side of the road, which can be extra confusing on a two wheeler.

Cable TV

In all Deluxe and Premium rooms only, with lots of channels from USA, as well as some from Canada, Italy and the UK and some Spanish-speaking channels. Full details under Anguilla here.

Car Rental

Car rental is recommended for some of your stay so that you can explore the island. At busy times, we suggest you ask us to book it in advance. It can be delivered to the Arawak. DRIVE ON THE LEFT! A very small but adequate car costs around US $40.00 a day + US $5.00 Insurance, depending on the season, plus a one time charge of US $20.00 for a local license, valid for three months. The rental company issues the license at the time of rental. Suzuki jeeps start at around US $60.00. Remember to bring your home license!

We do not recommend collecting a car upon arrival, as there are no rental agencies at the airport or ferry terminal so you have to take a taxi anyway. We can reserve for delivery to the Arawak the next morning and the extra cost of a taxi to the Arawak will be less than the day’s rental you will save. Petrol (gasoline) costs about US $7.00 a gallon, but don’t get a shock as on the pump it is quoted EC dollars (around EC $19.00).

Clock Radios/ CD Players/Music in Rooms

All rooms are equipped with clock radios with CD or iPod players. Premium Rooms also feature stereo sound systems. Bring your own CDs or iPods!

Cooling in Rooms

We have air conditioning in all of our Premium rooms (included in the rate) but only a few of the Deluxe and Oceanfront. Please advise if you want air conditioning for these room categories ($20 per night extra charge) at the time of booking as it may not be available upon arrival. All rooms have ceiling fans and good cross ventilation, and except perhaps for a few days in the height of summer, generally our guests are happier with the sound of the breezes and the Ocean.

Credit Cards

Visa and MasterCard are widely accepted on Anguilla at locations frequented by tourists. American Express is less so, as they charge merchants very high commissions. Discover is rarely found (although we do accept it at the Arawak). Do not expect credit cards to be accepted in small restaurants and local shops. If in doubt, ask in advance, especially when dining out. Certain credit cards may attract an additional charge or simply won’t be accepted. Credit card scanning machines are often out of order, so it can be wise to bring cash just in case.


Anguilla, and especially the Arawak, is very informal. At some of the more exclusive restaurants and resorts, you will probably want to dress “elegantly casual”, especially at night. Jackets and ties are never necessary.

Eating Out

A great treat on Anguilla. There are many fabulous restaurants, although many are expensive. We have sample menus for most of them at the Arawak for you to browse. We know most very well, and are happy to give you our opinions and to make your reservations. Come back to the Arawak for great, reasonably priced home cooking!


In the event of a medical or other emergency outside regular hours, Arawak retains a security guard on the premises at certain hours. In the event that he cannot be found, or if other assistance is required, there is an emergency phone in a red box outside the laundry that rings directly through to the guard, or a manager.


You may send and receive faxes on our machine. Outgoing is $3.00 per page, incoming $1.00. The number is 1-264-497-4889.

Hair Dryers

Hair dryers are available in all Deluxe and Premium rooms only.

Internet and Email

High speed Wi-Fi is available in the restaurant/pool area and all guest rooms. The cost is $15 for unlimited usage up to 24 hours, or $30 for unlimited up to a week’s stay. For casual Internet users, access through our office computer is also available with a minimum charge of $10 for up to 15 minutes. Printing is $.50 a page.


There are no irons in the rooms. You may use ours in our laundry.

We can do your laundry for you for a charge of $13.50 a load. This includes washing, drying and folding (not ironing) and is same-day (weather permitting). Drier, if required, is extra.

Maid Service

Your room is normally serviced daily, with fresh towels and toiletries as needed, except we do ask your cooperation in helping us to give our staff time off on public holidays. On those days, of course, fresh towels, etc. are available if you need them.


Anguilla uses US and EC (Eastern Caribbean) Dollars (US $1.00 = EC $2.68). However, you will generally find items priced in EC only in local stores (like supermarkets, petrol [gas] stations and Government offices); regardless, you can pay anywhere in US Dollars without any additional fees. Tourist establishments quote all prices in US Dollars. You do not need EC Dollars and may not even come in contact with them during your stay. There are ATMs at the banks in the Valley, some dispensing US Dollars. Practically speaking, it is possible to pay in US Dollars everywhere on the island.

Reading Matter

We have a small bookshelf of books for your vacation reading pleasure. You are welcome to take almost any book home with you, or to leave us any that you do not want for future guests.


Deluxe and Premium units are equipped with a mini fridge, and Premium units with Kitchenette are equipped with full size refrigerators.

Snorkels and Fins

Snorkels and fins are available for a nominal fee.

Taxes & Security Charges

A departure tax is payable on leaving Anguilla. If you leave by air or sea it is $28 reduced to $10 for children aged between 5 and 12. Day-trippers departing by ferry from Blowing Point to St Martin pay only $5. Children under 12 are exempt. There is also a $5 airport security charge.

In addition, there is now a new security charge of $3 levied on all persons leaving Anguilla by sea. If traveling from Blowing Point Ferry Terminal to Dutch St. Maarten there is a Passenger Fee of $5.00. All fees are payable in cash only.


To maintain the option of tranquility, our rooms are not normally equipped with telephones. Some overseas cell/mobile phones do work in Anguilla, but the roaming charges are high (check with your carrier before coming). As an alternative, we rent prepaid mobile phones with local numbers ($5 per day, $25 for a week, plus a minimum purchase of $10 for calls). These phones afford completely free incoming calls and reasonable international rates (around $0.25 per minute to N. Amer and $0.40 for the rest of the world). If you know you will want one, email us and we can pre assign a number to you, so in advance you can tell you friends and family how to contact you, or you can even “call forward” your own home number.

Calls may also be made from our office – $2 per minute to N. America, $2.50 to Europe. Our number is 1-264-497-4888.

The Shop (“Arawak Boutique”)

Our shop is well stocked with basic items you may have forgotten, photo supplies, island clothes, gift items, and local artwork, including outstanding unique and original works by Natalie Hawkins, our Assistant Innkeeper, who is also renowned artist.


Soaps, shampoo, conditioner, etc. are supplied daily to all rooms.


Voltage in Anguilla is 110v, using the same outlets as North America. Bring an adaptor if coming from Europe.


Theoretically potable, but we don’t. A complimentary large bottle of water will be in the refrigerator in your room upon arrival. Replacements are available at the bar ($2.50).

Please use water sparingly – Anguilla is very dry and all water is expensively processed from the sea by a desalination plant.